Qualicer welcomes at Cersaie the participation of Franco Stefani, Chairman of System Group, to the Congress to be held in Castellón on 8 and 9 February, 2016.

Qualicer 2016 is continuing to confirm the sessions that will be complementing the presentations and discussions of the communications that technicians and researchers have sent to the Congress.

The Congress opening session will feature a panel debate involving international leaders of the ceramic tile manufacturing industry. Zeynep Bodur Okyay, John Turner Jr, Vittorio Borelli, and Fernando Roig will be debating the situation of competitiveness in their different production zones and the need for industrial policies that make industrial investment, employment, and economic growth feasible. The prospects for ceramic tiles with relation to alternative products will also be analysed and the current situation will be compared with the forecasts made at Qualicer 2014.

This debate will be followed by a panel of leaders in technology innovation setting out their vision of the digital factory of the future, the smart factory. Technological innovations are not only allowing the tile manufacturers that adopt them most quickly to differentiate themselves, but they also result in more efficient processes and the manufacture of products with identical finishes to those of natural products but with all the durability and quality advantages of ceramic tile. The entire sector thus gains market share with relation to other products and a greater potential market. Engineer Franco Stefani, Chairman of System Group, has recently confirmed his participation in this Qualicer 2016 session. Congress Technical Secretary Javier Rodríguez Ejerique welcomed him personally to the Congress at the recent Cersaie trade fair held in Bologna. Franco Stefani is thus joining engineer José Vicente Tomás, Chairman of Kerajet, and engineer Pietro Cassani, General Manager of the Sacmi Group, in what will undoubtedly be a day of great interest for getting a glimpse of the future of the ceramic tile industry.