The countdown has started with the presentation of the Technical Committee, charged with watching over the quality and innovation of the submitted work.

The presentation event, which brought together numerous representatives from the ceramic and related sectors, took place on the 3rd of June at the Castellón Official College of Industrial Engineers.

Over 50 internationally recognised personalities from the ceramic industry and related sectors, as well as from the field of research, sit on the Technical Committee charged with evaluating the level of quality and innovation of the work submitted for the 14th Qualicer Congress.

The Qualicer Technical Committee is made up of an extensive team of experts, with a multidisciplinary character, from over 10 countries, recruited after intense contact through visits to the major trade shows and international forums of the sector. The committee members mostly come from the ceramic industry and related sectors, such as the machinery, glaze, or frit branches, belong to prestigious technology institutes, or conduct their activities in a university or academic environment.

The Qualicer Technical Committee will evaluate over one hundred submissions from 15 countries

Technical Committee Members