Digital Decoration

This technology is no longer just working with inks but has also been extended to other materials. The main actors in this field in constant evolution, spearheaded by the machinery manufacturers, are the machine printhead manufacturers, the manufacturers of the materials used by the machines, and of course the ceramic tile manufacturers that install these machines in their production lines.

This session will focus in detail on that part of the digital factory that has already become a reality, in which innovation takes place daily.

Vicente Sanz, Director of the Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Cerámica, will make an introduction to the panel debates with a very technical approach.

The session will comprise two panel debates: 

Materials and printheads manufacturers

Panel Members:

Rafael Porcar. European Inkjet Business Manager. Ferro Corporation
Jesús Fernández Valenzuela. Inkjet Project Manager. Esmalglass-Itaca Group.
Francois Aguilar.

Head of the Sales and Marketing Printek Department

Seiko Instruments GmbH

Gillian Ewers. Director of Marketing.  Xaar
Shane O’Neill.

European Sales and Technical Support Manager

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.

Chaired by:

José Cabedo.

General Manager Endeka Spain

COO Surface Products Endeka

Machine and ceramic tile manufacturers.

Panel Members:

Máximo Dolz, Technical Director. Grespania.
Benedetto Spinelli Vice director Ceramic Laboratory. Sacmi
Paolo Casarini Product Supervisor. System Group
José Vicente Tomás, President . Kerajet


Chaired by:

Vicente Sanz



Director of the Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Cerámica

Head of the Area for Nanotechnology and Printing Technologies

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering (UJI)


The topics covered will be, among others:

  • In view of the increasing use of textures and reliefs, are current design tools adequate?
  • What barriers are there to the massive implementation of workflow and information systems?
  • What are the most highly valued factors in purchasing a printing machine?
  • What is the degree of renewal of digital machines?
  • How has the production system modified the implementation of digital decoration? What limitations would there be to manufacturing against orders and not for stocks?
  • Will the emerging digital glazing technologies be implemented? And with total or partial coverage?
  • Would a future that included additive manufacturing be possible?
  • Would decoration of previously glazed and fired tiles be possible?
  • Will the use of the digital technology allow product differentiation?